Custom Frosted Vinyl Decals NYC

Frosted Window Decals

Elevate the look of your New York City business with our custom frosted window decals. Offering privacy, branding, and aesthetic appeal, our high-quality, durable vinyl options are designed to meet your needs.

Frosted window decals offer a stylish and practical solution for enhancing privacy, adding aesthetic appeal, and promoting branding in various settings.

From offices to storefronts, Manhattan Sign Shop specializes in creating high-quality frosted window films that transform ordinary glass surfaces into elegant, functional elements.

Frosted window film provides an effective way to enhance privacy without sacrificing natural light.

Frosted Glass Effect

By diffusing visibility, it creates a soft, translucent effect that obscures views from both inside and outside while allowing ample light to filter through. This makes frosted window decals ideal for office partitions, conference rooms, and residential spaces where privacy is paramount.

Branding and Privacy

Versatile and elegant, these decals strike the perfect balance between promoting your brand identity and providing necessary privacy. Trust our experienced team for professional installation, ensuring lasting results that elevate your space with sophistication and style.

With a wide range of frosted glass colors and design possibilities, Manhattan Sign Shop offers custom solutions to suit any aesthetic preference or branding requirement. From etched glass decals to frosted glass logos and lettering, our expert team can create bespoke designs that elevate your space and reinforce your brand identity.

Our experienced technicians ensure precise installation of frosted window film, resulting in seamless, bubble-free application that enhances the overall appearance of your space. Using high-quality frosted vinyl materials, our decals are durable, UV-resistant, and easy to maintain, ensuring long-lasting performance and visual appeal.

Frosted Window Decals
For doors and windows from $480
Turnaround time 5-7 business days

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