Perforated vinyl

Perforated Film

Perforated vinyl, especially designed for window applications, offers businesses and individuals a versatile solution for advertising, privacy, and sunlight control. This unique material, commonly known as perforated window film, features small holes that allow for one-way visibility, making it an ideal choice for vehicle windows, storefronts, and office spaces.

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Benefits of Perforated Window Vinyl

Effective Advertising: Perforated window films are excellent for maximizing your storefront or vehicle’s advertising potential without the cost of additional signage structures.

Enhanced Privacy: While perforated vinyl allows for visibility from the inside, it obscures the view from the outside, providing a measure of privacy for those within the building or vehicle.

Sunlight Control: The vinyl helps to block out some of the sunlight, reducing heat and glare inside the vehicle or building, which can contribute to energy savings during the warmer months.

Customization: With options like custom perforated window decals, businesses can tailor their designs to fit their brand image and marketing goals. Digital printing technology allows for detailed and colorful graphics that catch the eye of passersby.

Perforated vinyl. Design & Installation
For storefronts from $720 per window
For vehicles from $360 per window
Turnaround time from 4 bsuiness days

Stronger Visual Impact wtih 40/60 Perforated Vinyl

With a greater area for printed graphics, the 40/60 perforated vinyl offers a more solid appearance from the outside, making it ideal for vibrant and eye-catching advertisements. It still provides adequate visibility from the inside, making it a balanced choice for many applications, including: Retail storefronts where attracting customer attention with large, colorful graphics is key.

Rear window graphics on personal vehicles or company cars, where the advertisement needs to stand out while keeping driver visibility in mind.

More Privacy with 30/70 Perforated Vinyl

Enhanced Privacy and Light Penetration:

The 30/70 perforated vinyl is often used in settings where more privacy is needed without sacrificing natural light. The higher percentage of holes allows for significant light transmission and visibility from inside, while still displaying a vivid graphic on the exterior. This makes it particularly useful for:

Office or residential window treatments where privacy is a priority.

Vehicle windows, especially for public transportation and commercial fleets that require both advertising and visibility for safety.

Perforated vinyl offers a dynamic advertising medium that combines functionality with efficiency. Its ability to provide privacy, control light, and display eye-catching graphics while ensuring visibility makes it a favored choice among marketers and decorators alike. Whether you’re looking to enhance your brand presence, provide information, or update your space’s aesthetics, perforated vinyl window films and decals offer a practical and impactful solution.


Choosing the right perforated vinyl—whether 30/70 for higher visibility and light penetration or 40/60 for a bolder graphic display—depends on your specific needs for privacy, light control, and advertising impact. Both options offer practical benefits for a variety of commercial and personal applications, enhancing both functionality and style of any window they adorn.

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