Light Box Signs

We specialize in custom Acrylic Lightbox Signs and Silicone Edge Graphic Frames. We design, produce, deliver and install signs.

Acrylic Light Box Signs

Both the backlit film and adhesive translucent vinyl are UV-safe, ensuring that they’ll last for a long time even when exposed to sunlight.

One of the most effective ways to capture this essence is by using backlit film and light box signs to make your business a radiant beacon in the city’s nightscape. This is especially crucial for businesses that operate during the evening or late into the night. Restaurants, bars, theaters, and late-night retail stores can greatly benefit from this enhanced visibility.

New York City is known for its vibrant nightlife, where the city’s lights dazzle and shimmer against the urban landscape.
Custom Light Box Signs
Wall Mounted Light Box Sign 2′ x 3′ from $460
Square Light Box 4′ x 4′ from $760
Custom Shape Light Box Up To 4′ x 4′ from $1280

Backlit Film

The backlit film we use is 10 mil heavy-duty translucent film. It’s UV-safe and designed to last for years. It’s an excellent choice for settings like airports, movie theaters, or menu displays. Its high-resolution, double-layer UV printing ensures a vivid display that doesn’t fade quickly.

Adhesive Translucent Vinyl

This option is ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. It comes with permanent adhesive, which sticks best to flat surfaces such as Plexiglas, acrylic, and glass. Be cautious when using this material: it’s designed for use at night with a light box, as the high-density printing results in a darker appearance without one.

Applications of Light Box Signs

Restaurants and Bars: For restaurants, cafes, and bars, light box menu boards are a practical and attractive way to display menu items, specials, and promotional offers, enhancing the ambiance and customer experience.

Retail Storefronts: Retail businesses use light box signs to highlight their brand and draw customers into their stores. Positioned above entrances or in windows, these signs act as beacons, inviting passersby to explore the products and services offered.

Corporate Offices: In corporate settings, light box signs serve to reinforce brand identity and professionalism. They can be used in lobbies and reception areas to welcome visitors and convey a strong corporate image.

Customization Option

When it comes to customization, the sky’s the limit. For backlit film, the maximum size is 59″ High x 100′ Wide. For adhesive translucent vinyl, you can go as large as 52″ High x 159′ Wide. The high resolution at which these materials are printed ensures that your display will be sharp and vibrant, whether it’s a simple text logo or a complex graphical image.

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