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A-Frame Signs

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Why Choose Sidewalk Signs?

You have a business. You need customers to notice you. Sidewalk signs get this job done without any fuss. They are cheap, easy to set up, and work right where your potential customers are walking.

Types of Sidewalk Signs You Should Know About

There are several kinds of sidewalk signs, but A-frame signs are the most common. They stand on their own, you can move them easily, and they are durable. Other options include weighted base signs that don’t tip over in the wind. Pick one that works for you.

Sidewalk Signs: Direct Advertising Right Where You Need It
A-Frame Signs
White Plastic A-Frame Sign 24″ x 36″ from $160
Black Metal A-Frame Sign 24″ x 36″ from $250
Wooden A-Frame Sign 24″ x 36″ from $360

Setting Up a Sidewalk Sign: No Sweat

You don’t need a team to set up a sidewalk sign. You unfold it, set it where you want it, and you’re done. If you pick a chalkboard or whiteboard style, you can write your message directly on it. If not, just insert your pre-printed sign, and it’s ready to go.

Seasonal Use and Changing Messages 

In New York, where seasons change dramatically, your sidewalk sign can too. For winter, advertise hot coffee or holiday sales. For summer, focus on cold drinks or summer clearance. The point is, keep your sign relevant to what’s happening. A sign that changes draws repeat attention from regular passersby.

Accessibility and Visibility:

Night and Day Is your store open late? Consider an illuminated sidewalk sign. In the fast-paced life of NYC, night-time can be a heavy traffic period. Don’t miss out on it because your sign isn’t visible. Some signs come with battery-operated LED lights to ensure that they catch the eye, even in the dark.

Weather Resistance: 

An Essential for New York Rain, snow, sleet, or heat—you name it, NYC has it. Weather-resistant materials can save you the trouble of replacing damaged signs. Options like water-resistant wood finishes or rust-resistant metals can be a smart long-term investment.

How to Get Started

Prepare Your Design Elements: Begin by gathering the key components of your design. This includes your business logo in a high-resolution format, a clear description of the sign you envision, and any specific messaging you want to include. The more detailed your description, the better we can align with your expectations.

Reference Images: If you have specific design styles or concepts in mind, providing reference images can be incredibly helpful. These images will give our design team a clear understanding of your aesthetic preferences and any particular design elements you wish to incorporate into your custom A-frame sign.

Contact Us: Once you have your design elements and reference images ready, reach out to us at Manhattan Sign Shop. You can do this via email, phone, or through our website. Provide us with your logo, design description, and any reference images you’ve collected. It’s also helpful to include information about the intended use of the A-frame sign (e.g., indoor, outdoor, event-specific) to ensure the final product meets your needs in terms of materials and durability.



What Material Should I Choose?

Wood, metal, or plastic. Wood looks classic but expensive and needs more upkeep. Metal is sturdy but can rust. Plastic is light and cheap but may tip in the wind. Choose what fits your needs.

What’s the Right Size for My Sign?

Big enough to read but not too big that it blocks the sidewalk. NYC has rules on this, so don’t go overboard.

24″ x 36″ is the most common size.

Can I Use a Sidewalk Sign Inside?

Yes. In a mall or large indoor space, these signs can help guide people to your store.

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