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Magnetic signs

In the competitive business landscape of New York City, magnetic signs offer a practical and cost-effective advertising option. Manhattan Sign Shop provides high-quality magnetic signs suitable for a range of business applications, from car door magnets to large truck magnetic signs. These signs are an excellent tool for businesses that require a non-permanent advertising solution.

Magnetic signs are highly valued for their functionality and ease of use. They can be quickly applied and removed, which is ideal for professionals who use their personal vehicles for business purposes. This flexibility allows vehicles to serve as mobile billboards during operational hours and return to personal use afterward without any permanent alteration.

We use top-quality magnetic materials for durability and longevity. They are resistant to fading, ensuring they remain effective over time.
Magnetic signs
Design from $80
24″ x 18″ from $60
24″ x 24″ from $75
Turnaround time 3 business days

Car and Truck Magnetic Signs: Designed to fit any vehicle, these signs are perfect for doors and panels, effectively turning any car or truck into a temporary advertisement.

Custom Car Magnets: These can be tailored to include business logos, contact details, and other brand elements as needed.

Business Car Magnets: Specifically crafted for commercial use, these magnets can range from simple designs to complex graphics, based on strategic marketing needs.

Large Vehicle Magnets: Ideal for vans and larger vehicles, these magnets provide more space for detailed designs and are visible from a distance, enhancing advertising reach.

Advantages of Magnetic Signs

  • Flexibility: Magnetic signs offer the unique advantage of being easily removable, which is perfect for dual-use vehicles.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Compared to permanent vehicle wraps or traditional advertising methods, magnetic signs are a more affordable option for frequent changes or short-term promotions.
  • Ease of Use: The simplicity of applying and removing these signs makes them a convenient choice for businesses with multiple vehicles or changing promotional needs.

Special Materials

These magnets are made with materials that reflect light, making your business information or promotional content easily visible and readable from a distance. Ideal for delivery vehicles, emergency services, or any business that operates during evening hours, reflective car magnets are not only practical but also enhance the professional appearance of your fleet.

Service Industries
For service providers like plumbers, electricians, and landscapers, van magnets are a perfect way to advertise services as they travel to different job sites.
Delivery Vehicles
Restaurants, florists, and any business that offers delivery services can benefit from van magnets to advertise their delivery options and promote their brand.
Event Promotion
Use van magnets to promote upcoming events or specials. They are perfect for temporary campaigns since they can be removed or switched out easily.
Personalization for Small Businesses
Small businesses that use personal vehicles for work can leverage van magnets during business hours and remove them afterwards, maintaining the professionalism of a commercial fleet.

Multiple Applications

Magnetic signs are a versatile and practical solution for branding and labeling, suitable not only for vehicles but also for various other applications such as commercial kitchen appliances or rented equipment for events. At Manhattan Sign Shop, we provide high-quality magnetic signs that can be customized to fit any surface, ensuring your brand or operational information is prominently displayed.

These magnetic signs are particularly beneficial for businesses that use commercial kitchen appliances or equipment that may move between locations, such as in catering or event settings. The magnets can be easily applied to and removed from metallic surfaces without leaving any residue, making them ideal for rented equipment where permanent markings are not feasible.

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