Blade Signs

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Blade signage typically utilizes materials such as metal, aluminum, or MDO plywood, mounted near a business entrance. Their perpendicular orientation to the building wall allows for effective visibility in areas with high foot traffic, an essential feature in a city like New York where space utilization is critical.

Blade signs, characterized by their flat, often rectangular design, are mounted perpendicularly to a building’s facade, making them particularly noticeable to pedestrian traffic.
Metal sign brackets

At Manhattan Sign Shop, we also offer a comprehensive selection of metal sign brackets, designed to securely and stylishly display your custom signs. Crafted from durable materials, our metal brackets are built to withstand New York City’s diverse weather conditions, ensuring your signage remains prominently displayed year-round.

Whether you’re looking for classic, ornate designs to complement traditional signage or seeking sleek, modern brackets for a more contemporary look, our inventory caters to a variety of aesthetic preferences. Ideal for hanging blade signs, banners, or even directional signage, our metal sign brackets provide both functionality and visual appeal, enhancing the overall presentation of your business’s exterior.

Sign Brackets
Universal Straight Arm from $240
Triangle Ball Hanging Blade Sign Bracket from $320
Ornament Sign Bracket from $380
Fixed Mount Sign Bracket with Sign Blank from $480

Advantages of Blade Signage

Quality and Longevity: Our blade signs are constructed from materials selected for their durability against New York’s weather conditions, ensuring longevity.

Versatile Application: Suitable for a variety of businesses, from retail outlets and restaurants to office buildings, blade signage offers a distinct visual marker in a crowded urban landscape.

Installation Efficiency: Designed for straightforward installation, our blade signs require no special equipment for mounting.

Blade Sign Varieties

Illuminated Options: Catering to the city’s vibrant nightlife, our illuminated blade signs are available in neon or LED, providing 24/7 visibility.

Non-Illuminated Options: For a more subdued appearance, we offer traditional, non-illuminated blade signs crafted from durable materials such as metal and wood.

Custom Shapes: Tailoring to specific branding requirements, we can produce blade signs in unique shapes and sizes.

Our blade signs can be designed with interchangeable panels, ideal for businesses looking to update their messaging for seasonal promotions or holidays without the need for a completely new sign. In the densely populated and competitive market of New York City, blade signage from Manhattan Sign Shop offers businesses a reliable way to enhance visibility and attract attention. Customizable, durable, and designed for maximum impact, our blade signs are a practical investment for any New York business aiming to stand out. For detailed inquiries, contact Manhattan Sign Shop. We service all areas of New York, from Manhattan to Brooklyn and beyond.

Blade signs
Printed Aluminum Composite Sign from $720
Blade Sign with Dimensional Letters from $1240
Engraved Wooden or HDU Sign from $1960

Materials and Finishes

Manhattan Sign Shop offers advanced materials for blade signs, including holographic vinyl, sequins, and glitter finishes. These options provide a distinctive appearance, capturing attention through light-reflective and dynamic effects. Ideal for businesses seeking standout signage, these materials ensure visibility and impact in the urban environment.

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