Foamboard Signs

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Foamboard is known by several names, such as foamcore board, fome-cor, fome core, gator board, ultraboard, and foam core board. Regardless of the terminology used, foamcore stands out as a sturdy yet lightweight option, suitable for a wide range of both commercial and personal uses.

Foamboard is available in thicknesses of 1/4″, 1/2″, and 1″. Can be customized to any size from the standard sheet size of 96” x 48”

Meetings and Seminars: Utilized for its attention-grabbing qualities, foam core printing facilitates business visibility in competitive environments. It proves effective for advertising services or products, networking, or recruiting, with the potential for social media exposure. Strategic placement in areas of high traffic within venues can convey crucial messages and visuals to attendees.

Inventory and Pricing Displays: Foam board printing streamlines customer interactions by clearly displaying prices and sales, particularly beneficial for vendors at events, reducing repetitive inquiries. This display tool enhances visibility and readability, aiding in customer engagement and efficient event conclusion.

Exhibitions and Presentations: As a flexible graphic aid, foam core is suitable for both outdoor and indoor displays, enabling swift setup of portable exhibits. It is particularly valued for educational and scientific presentations.

Foamboard Signs
Graphic Design from $60
24″ x 36″ from $80
48″ x 48″ from $160
Delivery from $60
Other Uses

Fundraising and Celebrations

Foam core printing is effective for motivational displays in fundraising, attracting attention to achieve financial goals and celebrating achievements. Beyond these applications, foam core finds utility in framing, creating wall murals, signage for sales, conferences, trade shows, and various special events.

Inspiration And Celebration

Signs printed on foam core material is an excellent way to inspire and get people to donate and help raise money for a good cause. Printing on Foam Board is a perfect way to attract attendees with an amazing display to reach your objective, and once you have reached your goal.

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