What is a Site Survey?
A site survey involves a physical inspection of a location where signage will be installed. This process allows our team to gather essential information about the site, including dimensions, structural details, and environmental factors that could influence the installation and longevity of the sign. By conducting these surveys, we can identify potential challenges and opportunities, making informed recommendations that align with your business goals and site specifications.

Tailored Signage Solutions: Every business location has its unique characteristics. A site survey helps us understand these nuances, enabling us to customize your signage solutions to fit the specific contours and conditions of your site.

Accuracy in Planning: Measurements taken during the site survey are crucial for designing signs that fit perfectly within their intended space. This precision prevents issues during installation and ensures that your sign looks exactly as intended.

Compliance and Safety: Our surveys also consider local zoning laws, landlord requirements, and safety standards. This thoroughness ensures that all signage is compliant with regulations, preventing legal issues and potential safety hazards.

Cost Efficiency: By identifying potential problems early in the planning process, site surveys can save time and money. Effective planning minimizes the risk of costly adjustments and redesigns later in the project.

Step 1: Initial Consultation: We start with a discussion about your signage needs and objectives. This conversation helps frame our survey efforts and ensures that we focus on the elements that matter most to you.

Step 2: On-Site Evaluation: Our team visits your location to conduct the physical survey. We take detailed measurements, photograph the area, and assess any environmental factors (like lighting and visibility) that could affect your sign.

Step 3: Report and Recommendations: Following the survey, we compile a comprehensive report that includes our findings and recommendations. This report aids in the decision-making process, offering insights into the best types of signs for your location and how they should be installed.

Step 4: Project Planning and Implementation: Armed with information from the site survey, our design and installation teams proceed with a clear and accurate plan, reducing the likelihood of surprises and ensuring a smooth installation process.

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